During his show on Monday night, Fox News host Sean Hannity called out Vice President Kamala Harris for failing to live up to her responsibilities and effectively do her job.

Hannity began by reminding his Fox News viewers that President Joe Biden put Harris in charge of the border crisis earlier this year.

In fact, no vice president in U.S. history has a lower approval rating than Kamala Harris,” Hannity said. “Maybe that’s because the vice president is terrible at her job … Ever since she was appointed border czar nine months ago, Harris has done nothing to resolve the crisis.”

“Yet another massive caravan … is headed our way and Kamala Harris has no plan of action, no resolution, no future plans to visit the border, absolutely nothing,” he continued. “By the way … is anybody surprised? According to reports, Harris often refuses to read briefings, is frequently unprepared for … daily challenges … as vice president.”

This comes after a Washington Post report described Harris as a “bully” who has created a toxic work environment in her office that is “soul-destroying.” She is known to allegedly criticize staffers for her being unprepared despite the claim that she fails to read the briefings.

“Instead of actually doing her job, The border czar now spends countless hours berating her own staff, according to numerous reports,” Hannity said. “Allegedly, Kamala Harris is such a menace that some are openly referring to her as a soul-destroying bully. Ouch.”

CNN reported that there is “dysfunction and lack of focus” in Harris’ office, and that her wing of the White House’s relationship with Biden’s office is strained.

“Now, of course, amid lashing out at her own employees, Kamala also found time to redecorate her own office with carefully curated art pieces,” Hannity concluded. “Apparently, according to Kamala, the border crisis can wait. Her office was in desperate need of a makeover.”

This comes after former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich declared Harris to be “the worst vice president in American history.”

“I think she actually accomplished something very historic. She got CNN, historically the strongest supporter of Liberal Democrats, to run an entire story pointing out that the President’s team and the Vice President’s team are fighting internally, in a very ferocious way,” Gingrich said during a Fox News appearance. “I’ve never seen CNN do anything that would be harmful to Joe Biden. This story was devastating, and I think it starts with a simple fact. Biden’s at 38 percent approval. She’s at 28 percent approval. Powerful people wake up in the morning. They go, ‘it can’t be me. So I wonder who’s doing this?’ So the Biden people say it’s all Harris’s fault. The Harris people say, you know, if only he was using her correctly. ”

“And I think you’re going to see more of this kind of backbiting because the truth is she hasn’t accomplished anything. I mean, it’s an embarrassment,” he added. “But then on the other hand, she’s working with Joe Biden, who has accomplished almost nothing. And it’s an embarrassment. As you point out, just watching him in public in an unscripted environment is a little frightening, frankly, to think that this is the commander-in-chief and to know that our opponents around the planet are watching the same TV coverage. I think this is, having known a fair number of vice presidents, this is an amazing moment for probably the worst vice president in American history.”