The former First Lady Melania Trump gave an interview over the weekend in which she teased a possible second presidency for her husband Donald Trump.

When asked if she could see herself living in the White House again in the future, Melania replied, “Never say never.”

“I think we achieved a lot in four years of the Trump administration,” she continued, according to Yahoo News.

People Magazine reported that Melania then talked about enjoying the time that she spent in Washington D. C.

“I like Washington, D.C. I know it operates completely different than any other city but I really like it there and I enjoyed living in the White House,” she said. “To be First Lady of the United States was my greatest honor.”

“I think we achieved a lot in the four years of the Trump administration,” Melania added. “I enjoyed taking care of the White House. It was my home for a while. I understood it is the people’s house. It was privilege to be there.”

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Melania also talked about “Fostering the Future,” her new initiative in which she is selling non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to raise money for kids who are aging out of foster care.

“I have been working on my NFT projects since I left the White House,” Melania said. “Some of the proceeds of NFTs will go towards education, providing education opportunities for foster care children who are aging out of the foster system.”

As for what’s going on in America right now, Melania is not happy with where the country is.

“It’s sad to see what’s going on if you really look deeply into it,” she said. “I think a lot of people are struggling and suffering and what is going on around the world as well. It’s very sad to see and I hope it changes fast.”

She went on to say that the current shortage of baby formula in this country is “heartbreaking to see” and said “leadership” is to blame if “food is not available for children in 21st Century in United States of America.”

Melania additionally called out Vogue for being “biased” for not putting her on the cover as the publication did with other first ladies.

“They have likes and dislikes, and it’s so obvious,” she said.

Many will certainly agree with what Melania had to say in this interview. Here’s hoping that she and her husband do end up back in the White House in 2024!