Kayleigh McEnany, the former White House press secretary to Donald Trump, spoke out on Friday to slam President Joe Biden for ignoring the spike in threats of violence against pro-life groups.

“September 29th, a letter was sent from the National School Board Association to the Biden administration targeting parents, saying that parents are a threat, that this needs to be addressed,” she said while appearing on Fox News.

“Turns out, because there was just an internal investigation conducted by the NSBA, there was significant coordination between the Biden White House and the NSBA in sending this letter,” she added. “And the NSBA and the Department of Justice, who five days later, after the letter was sent, issued a memo to the FBI to look into this threat from parents.”

“Parents were simply showing up and fighting for their children respectfully and with their voices,” McEnany continued. “So that was a liberal interest. This is not a liberal interest. They’re not going to show up there. It’s completely derelict because the opinion hasn’t even been released. What’s going to happen when the opinions are released?”

This came after Rep. Michael Guest (R-MS) called on Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to address the increasing attacks launched by the “anarchist extremist group” Jane’s Revenge against pro-life crisis pregnancy centers and churches.

“The anarchist extremist group Jane’s Revenge has consistently claimed responsibility for these dangerous incidents, which are often accompanied by threateningly vandalized messages like ‘Jane was here;’ ‘Abort the church;’ and ‘If abortions aren’t safe, you aren’t either,’” Guest wrote in a letter to Mayorkas.

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Jane’s Revenge had signed a letter on Tuesday in which it declared “open season” on pro-life pregnancy crisis centers, vowing that “increasing drastic measures” might not be “so easily cleaned up as fire and graffiti.”

“To be clear, any violent attack on a nonprofit institution, house of worship, or group of people due to their religious or political beliefs is an attack on the fundamental values enshrined in the Constitution that Americans hold dear,” Guest told Mayorkas.

“Despite this truth, mainstream media has largely ignored the growing trend of violence against pro-life organizations and individuals,” he continued. “Similarly, President Biden has been silent on these attacks on pro-life organizations as well as the threat to Justice Kavanaugh.”

In more positive news, McEnany revealed on her Fox News show “Outnumbered” on Thursday that she is pregnant with her second child. She went on to say that she knows the baby’s gender, and will reveal it “in the coming weeks.”

“We’ll do a little gender reveal here on ‘Outnumbered,'” she said. “What a blessing, we prayed a lot about this and God blessed us with a child, a second child to join baby Blake, my daughter.”

McEnany went on to compliment her network, saying that “there’s no more supportive workplace to be a working mom than Fox News Channel.”

Check out her full announcement in the video below.

Please join us in saying a prayer for the health of McEnany and her baby as her pregnancy continues!