The former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich spoke out on Monday morning to blast President Joe Biden and his administration for the way that they are approaching China.

“I don’t know to what extent Biden is influenced by the millions of dollars his family’s made out of dealing with communist China,” Gingrich said while appearing on Fox News. “I don’t know to what extent he’s influenced by having a bunch of pacifists around him who proved in Afghanistan – they’re approving in Ukraine – they don’t understand power.”

“They don’t understand how the world really works,” he added. “And if you think you can appease the Chinese communists, you are completely misreading history. They are very tough, smart people. And they’re going to take as much as you give them.”

This comes one week after Gingrich said that the current Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) should tell Biden officials to “shut up” as she prepares to visit Taiwan in spite of warnings from China.

“It’s exactly the kind of confusion that enabled Putin to mislead himself about Ukraine,” Gingrich said in another Fox News appearance. “We need to be very, very clear. And this is part of why we had a lot of tension in 1996, 97, and President Clinton and I collaborated in trying to send very strong signals, including putting American aircraft carriers in the Taiwan Strait. So I would say she absolutely has to go now.”

“She cannot allow the Chinese communist dictatorship to think that it can bully an American Speaker of the House,” he continued. “And frankly, she ought to tell the Pentagon and the State Department to shut up. They’re always timid. They’re always risk-averse. And they don’t get it. It’s very important to show strength. So the Chinese communists understand that we’re real, and we’re not, just as Mao called us a paper tiger.”

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Gingrich has been speaking out against Biden quite a bit as of late. Last month, he said that the Democrats Biden is leading have a “passionate dislike” of American oil and gas companies.

“[A]ll of this is essentially, and I can’t overstate this, this is much closer to a religious cult than to a traditional political viewpoint,” he said on “Jesse Waters Primetime.” 

“They change reality to fit their narrative,” Gingrich added. “They adopt policies — for example, why don’t we release more criminals? Oh, we have more people getting mugged, raped and shot. Well, isn’t that a surprise? What did you think was going to happen if you’re going to release more criminals? You throw a whole series of these things.”

“It’s part of why I wrote ‘Defeating Big Government Socialism,'” he continued. “This isn’t a set of actions. These are beliefs that these people have that have never worked. They didn’t work for Lyndon Johnson. They didn’t work for Jimmy Carter. They didn’t work for Barack Obama. And they’re certainly not working for Joe Biden.”

Not stopping there, Gingrich proceeded to double down by calling out Biden and his fellow Democrats.

“I don’t think they have a clue what causes inflation. I think that they are part of a religious cult about energy,” he said. “All of this stuff is nutty. And at 9.1% inflation, I thought that was a breaking point. And when you start getting up in that range… people can’t afford what’s being done to their paycheck, what’s happening to their savings.”

Many Americans agree with Gingrich about Biden, whose approval ratings are currently lower than ever.