Just before China’s Communist Party Congress, President Xi made a speech in which he re-iterated that the Chinese would take the island by force if necessary. Secretary of State Tony Blinken made a public comment, I’m sure much to his chagrin, that it appeared the Communists have accelerated their plans to re-take the island. I say to his chagrin because the leading organization trying to convince American’s and her politicians of this reality, the Committee on the Present Danger, China, just released an extensive report highlighting that the Chinese Communists are already at war with us and that this is a distinct possibility. My guest and I are both members of the CPDC and he is also a new author, with his book, The Nation Will Follow, having just been released. John Mills is a former senior defense department official, a retired Army Colonel, and an expert you want to follow if you want to keep tabs on China, election integrity and much more!


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