Following the live interview conducted by Tucker Carlson, this past December that featured the woman behind the Twitter account Libs of TikTok, a self-proclaimed “communist” seemingly based out of North Carolina took to Twitter to publicly call for the murder of the woman behind the Twitter account, declaring that it’s “on sight” in light of the woman having revealed her face on television.

On the morning of January 1st, Libs of TikTok posted a screenshot from December 27th where a Twitter user operating under the handle “@borgposting” wrote, “now that we know what libs of tik tok lady look like we can all agree that its on sight,” following up the original tweet with, “its hammer time.”

The expression “on sight” is a term that was typically used in gang and prison culture in years past before seeing more mainstream adoption by younger generations, which is meant to convey (and is widely understood as) that a particular person is to either be harmed or killed “on sight” – as in, to launch a completely unprovoked attack once someone sees the target in public.

The meaning of this expression wasn’t lost on Chaya Raichik, the woman who runs the Libs of TikTok account on Twitter, as well as many of her followers on the aforesaid platform. As for the individual running the @borgposting account who originally tweeted the threat, he has since locked down his Twitter account.

Credit: Twitter

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However, for a Twitter account that purports to predominantly post “retro sci-fi art” and having only joined the platform in April of 2022, it is seemingly odd that such an account would have already amassed over 36K followers on the platform. But the aforementioned anomaly is easily explained away when taking into consideration that this account belongs to an individual who’d previously run two other Twitter accounts (@posadist_trapgd, @thotteusstevens), both of which had been permanently suspended from Twitter over the past couple of years.

Furthermore, this individual is also the co-host of a podcast called “The Trillbillies,” which currently has over 43K followers on Twitter.

Basically, this @borgposting account owner had years’ worth of followers from the previous accounts who ostensibly got word he’d returned to Twitter under a new handle so as to circumvent his prior bans.

After connecting all these dots regarding various past accounts, affiliations with podcasts (and several appearances on other people’s podcasts), it turns out that the person running the now-locked Twitter account @borgposting is 36-year-old Aaron Thorpe from Rockingham, North Carolina.

While there have been some individuals online who’ve suggested Thorpe is from the Atlanta area, this appears to be a misconstruing based upon Thorpe’s own writing in a December 2020 blog where he chronicled a car accident he’d been in while “on I-20 heading home east from Atlanta, Georgia.”

Credit: Substack

The conclusion of Thorpe likely residing in Rockingham was reached after cross-referencing Thorpe’s past Facebook posts, and available public records, as well as his mentioning in the December 2020 blog post of “heading home” from Atlanta while traveling eastbound on Interstate 20, which is the primary route used to travel from Atlanta, Georgia, to Rockingham, North Carolina.

Credit: Facebook

That being said, Thorpe may also jump between Atlanta and Rockingham sporadically, undoubtedly due to him having family in Georgia, as an article from The Intercept published this past May (where Thorpe was featured as someone briefly interviewed) cites him as being “a former Democratic Party canvasser and fundraiser based in Atlanta.”

According to Thorpe’s own bio on his Substack profile, he describes himself as “a communist who writes about Hell,” and his writings (which consist of only two posts on the profile) do convey his communist sentiments – although the “Hell” part appears to be nonexistent in the literal sense, suggesting he views the world – as it currently is – as some kind of Hell.

While his expanded writings available on his Substack don’t espouse violent rhetoric, it seems as though his past Twitter accounts (@posadist_trapgd, @thotteusstevens) were both permanently suspended from the platform over his tendency to advocate for violence against people he disagreed with (such as him posting pictures of infamous murderer Christopher Dorner, who killed several police officers and the daughter of a retired police captain).

Credit: Twitter

As of this writing, Twitter has yet to take any action against Thorpe’s current account on the platform, but the heightened publicity of his issued threat in conjunction with the apparent ban evasions in the past may compel the social media platform to address the matter.

This piece was written by Gregory Hoyt on January 2, 2023. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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