I was reminded of this by longtime Moonshine contributor, Wall St., who sent me this message in part: “I learned from listening to lying management CEOs/CFOs. If they don’t even address the elephant in the room then the elephant is far bigger than you think and most of the other people in the room won’t ever figure out there even is an elephant until after they’ve lost their money.”

I’ve seen a bunch of Damar Hamlin coverage and my first concern goes to him and his family as do my prayers, but the elephant in this room is not only being completely ignored, they’re trying to throw a rug over the top of it as if no one will see. That’s absurd.

Perhaps most concerning and to my point is that federal authorities have converged on Hamlin’s hospital. Narrative and unavoidable fall-out control are important and those feds have a job to do. That’s sinister.

Importantly, I’m not a physician but I’m uniquely qualified to write this article for several reasons.

For one, I spent five years of my professional career investigating fraud and other cases such as injury, significant injury, and death for law firms and insurance companies. That work is deeply enmeshed in parsing out every granular aspect of the medical side of cases including copious reading and comprehension of medical documentation along with consultation with physicians and other medical professionals. In that work, I made sole determinations of liability and attribution that paralleled my advisement to those law firms and insurance companies for how those cases should be decided and handled.

That work had to be water-tight and accurate from the very first step in the process because such cases normally entailed opposing counsel, sometimes ended in litigation, and sometimes resulted in having to take to the stand to testify as to methodology and findings.

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For another, I began coaching football in 1993 and have been deeply involved in the sport with exposure at the highest levels including serving as head coach at several large and high-profile high schools and as an assistant coach for the same. As a head coach, several then-current and former NFL players worked on my staff as assistant coaches. The work included a regular partnership with the NFL and the Indianapolis Colts for things such as hosting and running youth camps for them.

Lastly, I can stack up over 350 articles evidencing beyond any reasonable doubt that COVID-19 is entirely a construct of enterprise fraud and behind that work, I can place my entire team of doctors, attorneys, Senators, judges, Constitutional specialists, investigators, and researchers led by Dr. Henry Ealy. We all agree and can evidence the COVID-19 positions on enterprise fraud and in every granular way. My work attached directly to our team’s federal grand jury petition filed in early March 2022 in the Ninth Circuit challenging that COVID-19 is enterprise fraud and naming as respondents the current and former Human Health Services secretaries, the current and former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention directors and the director of the National Vital Statistics System.

In this banana republic with a hijacked, complicit, and delusional politburo and mainstream media; both of which are rife with corruption and controlled by power brokers and string pullers, controlling the crumbling and fraudulent COVID-19 narrative is absolutely essential and it’s why they’re ignoring and refusing to discuss the elephant in Damar Hamlin’s room in the ICU.

Getting straight to brass tacks and acknowledging the problematic component of no authoritative confirmation on Hamblin’s COVID-19 vaccination/booster status, I ran down the likelihood of it to near certainty that Hamlin is vaccinated/boosted. Being wrong on this might entail a complete retraction of this article while not affecting the premise one bit given the already acknowledged correlation between COVID-19 vaccines and cardiac issues.

We have this post below pertaining to Hamlin’s vaccination/booster status but it’s not free of controversy. Gateway Pundit has reported on problematic aspects of it beyond the peculiarities of the verbiage and the timing of it; ergo, we take it with a grain of salt.

*Full Damar Hamlin thread

Therefore and given that Hamlin was drafted out of Pitt in April 2021, I ran down Pitt’s COVID-19 policies, and therein, the COVID-19 timeline becomes problematic. By April of 2021, full FDA approval for COVID vaccines was still pending and therefore, Pitt was only engaged in a very heavy influence and promotion campaign resting on Emergency Use Authorization. Pitt did not make COVID vaccines mandatory [exemptions available] until December 2021 after Hamlin had already entered the NFL. All of Pitt’s COVID advisories can be read here.

The logical deduction applies to a suspected but pending confirmation of Hamlin’s vaccine status.


Remember that Cole Beasely became a highly controversial Bills player and it was entirely over his approach to the NFL’s vaccination and general policies/protocol for COVID-19. It made national headlines meaning that it drew heavy media attention. This made COVID vaccination an even more sensitive issue for the Bills and so why would the team intentionally draft an unvaccinated player to exacerbate an already significant problem; especially if they gave fidelity to bad science, bad medicine, bad advisement, and bad policy in belief that the league’s vaccination requirements were beneficial to all players’ health? A draft pick is a heavy investment for a team so why would it draft an unvaccinated player in these circumstances? It wouldn’t.

The aggregate of the admittedly problematic Dr. Eidelman post, Pitt’s initial posture on and campaign for vaccinations, and the aspects of Hamlin’s drafting by the Bills as I just outlined, combined with the elephant in the room that no one will address, tells us that with near certainty Hamlin was vaccinated/boosted. It’s why everyone refuses to discuss it and those who do are once again attacked and branded conspiracy theorists.

This is why federal authorities have converged on Hamlin’s hospital – to control the narrative and fallout from an unavoidable injury, a likely permanent and significant disability, and a potential death that was likely caused by cardiac arrest induced by COVID-19 vaccination. Moreover, here is a table of other children and adults in their health and athletic primes that faced the same or similar cardiac outcome as Hamlin. It all makes the disinformation being proffered about commotio cortis as the likely cause of Hamlin’s cardiac arrest absolute garbage and I’m going to entirely eviscerate that nonsense in the rest of this article; and definitively if not authoritatively so.

The Mechanics of Hamlin’s Contact and Tackle

Let’s begin with the mechanics of Damar Hamlin’s contact and tackle. In my professional career as a coach observing countless hours of games, practice, film, and televised games at all levels, I will tell definitively and without a single grain of doubt that Hamlin’s contact before his collapse was routine and benign for the violent collision sport of football. There was nothing anomalous or severe about it and it doesn’t comport with commotioHamlin’s cortis as I will prove. Observe:

In Hamlin’s tackle and contact, we observe the following:

1-Hamlin’s intercepting approach was mostly a right to left lateral direction and not head-to-head on the ball carrier whose direction was most mostly downfield to up-field. This lessens the severity and force of the contact.

2-Hamlin’s feet are not stationary throughout and in the transition from the lateral entry to becoming square on the ball carrier and receiving the initial contact. This makes Hamlin an object in motion and dissipates some of the force and energy from contact as Newton’s Laws of Motion apply [observable in the video].

3-On initial contact [next image below], the ball carrier’s helmet avoids contact with Hamlin’s chest and the top surface of his shoulder pad initiates the contact with Hamlin on the padded breastplate of Hamlin’s shoulder pads below and to the side of Hamlin’s heart and more inline with his ribs.

4-The visual aspect of the initial contact as demonstrated by the degree of whiplash [head movement] is moderate at worst, mostly benign, and in no way indicative of a severe amount of force [observable in the video].

5-As a body remaining in motion, Hamlin absorbs much of the ball carrier’s energy upon contact as indicated by his immediate transition to backward movement meaning the analog here is automobile accidents, the transfer of energy, and where Newton’s Laws of Motion apply again [observable in the video].

6-Hamlin’s tackle is near textbook relative to the mechanics taught for safety in that his head and eyes are up, he avoids contact with the crown of the helmet, his spinal posture is upward and erect and his arm wrap is excellent [mostly observable in the video]. Note his still lateral foot position as his direction begins to transition.

7-After initial contact and due to his lateral entry, which negatively impacts Hamlin’s ability to complete the tackle given his body position, Hamlin engages in “gator roll” tackling technique resulting in a torsional [twisting] action which further mitigates the absorption of energy [shown in the following series of still images].

8-Importantly and for the medical reasons to follow, immediately after contact, Hamlin actively steers the ball carrier to the ground with “gator roll” technique leveraging the torsional maneuver to actively complete the tackle and come to rest on top of the ball carrier. This will be a critical component relative to the assertions of commotio cortis.

Following Hamlin’s tackle, we observe:

1-Hamlin finishes his “gator roll” and actively uses both arms to push himself to an “all fours” position: hand, forearm, and both knees.

2-Hamlin pushes himself up to a standing position and actively engages with a Bengals player to push himself back and away from him.

3-It is at this point that we see what is the first indication of Hamlin’s distress from his standing position where his left arm drops, his right knee seems to slightly buckle two times and is accompanied by slight lateral sway before his left knee also buckles and Hamlin falls backward to the turf.

From the initial contact until the first indication of distress, approximately 4.83 seconds elapses, and then Hamlin collapses to the ground.

Commotio Cortis According to the NIH

Now we apply the science and medicine of the assertions of commotio cortis as compounded by further evidence aggravating to those assertions so as to rule it out completely.

Understanding that Hamlin is 24 years old, we begin with a definition and the particulars of commotio cortis from the NIH [emphasis added]:

Commotio cordis is ventricular fibrillation precipitated by blunt trauma to the heart. Although it is infrequent, it is an important cause of sudden death in young athletes.

Commotio cordis is ventricular fibrillation precipitated by blunt trauma to the heart, not attributable to structural damage to the heart or surrounding structures.[1]  Its Latin etymology, “agitation of the heart,” describes the suspected mechanism whereby significant distortion of the myocardium creates enough mechanical energy to cause inappropriate depolarization, resulting in an unstable dysrhythmia.

Commotio cordis most commonly results from an impact to the left chest with a hardball (e.g., a baseball) during sports activity. The sudden focal distortion of the myocardium results in ventricular fibrillation, causing sudden cardiac arrest in an otherwise structurally normal heart. It is distinct from a traumatic injury to the heart, like cardiac contusion or rupture or penetrating chest injuries.

Reported cases remain relatively infrequent (less than 30 cases are reported each year), although it is increasingly recognized.

The mean age reported in the registry is 15 years, and very few cases have been reported above 20 years old. This may be a result of a combination of a thinner chest wall relative to an adult and an increased likelihood to participate in activities where they are likely to be hit in the chest. 

Contention exists around the exact mechanism for commotio cordis.  However, experimental studies have shown that there are several factors involved. First, contact occurs directly over the heart in the anterior chest.[4] The contact occurs during ventricular repolarization, specifically during the upstroke of the T-wave before its peak. If the impact occurs later than this, it is more likely to result in a transient complete heart block, left bundle branch block, or ST-segment elevation.[5] While this period occupies only about 1% of the cardiac cycle, the relative proportion is increased with increasing heart rate, as may occur during exercise.

The impact energy must be sufficient to cause ventricular depolarization, estimated to be about 50 joules. This is easily achieved by a thrown baseball, for example, and the risk for commotio cordis appears to peak around 40 miles per hour. At higher speeds (with more energy), there is more likely to be resultant structural damage to the heart and/or chest wall rather than isolated ventricular fibrillation.[6] Smaller balls also carry a higher risk for commotio cordis, likely due to the impact being concentrated on a smaller surface area.[7]

The mechanical force resulting from the precordial impact causes a stretch in myocardial cell membranes, which likely activates ion channels (mechanical-electrical coupling).[8]  If the right number of these channels are in a vulnerable period of repolarization, the result of the depolarization may be ventricular fibrillation.[9]

A history consistent with commotion cordis involves a sudden impact with the anterior chest overlying the heart, followed by immediate cardiac arrest.

NIH Publication

A second NIH publication provides further clarity on the mechanics of commotio cortis [emphasis added]:

In an experimental model of commotio cordis utilizing anesthetized juvenile swine, ventricular fibrillation can be produced by a 30 mph baseball strike if the strike occurred during the vulnerable period of repolarization, on the upslope of the T-wave. The energy of the impact object was also found to be a critical variable with 40 mph baseballs more likely to cause ventricular fibrillation than velocities less or greater than 40 mph.

NIH Publication

A third NIH publication provides further clarity on how reduced diameter spheres increase the risk of chest blow-induced ventricular fibrillation (commotio cordis), providing a wholesale contradiction to the mechanics and contact object in Hamlin’s case [emphasis added]:

The shape of the projectile markedly influences the risk of VF from chest wall impact. This effect is likely mediated via a greater increase in left ventricular pressure with smaller diameter objects. Spreading the impact force over a larger area may decrease the risk of sudden death and has implications for the design of protective athletic equipment.

NIH Publication

The observation to be made is that a padded shoulder surface is exponentially larger and softer than a small object like a baseball or lacrosse ball.

From the second NIH publication [emphasis added]:

Sudden death is instantaneous or preceded by several seconds of lightheadedness after the chest wall blow.

Hamlin’s Second Cardiac Arrest

The fact set presented in this analysis based solely on the mechanics of Hamlin’s tackle and post-tackle actions and the NIH medical and scientific information on commotio cortis is enough to dismiss commotio cortis as a plausible and likely diagnosis for Hamlin on their face.

Another undeniable fact that completely eviscerates commotio cortis as a plausible and likely diagnosis is found in the fact that Hamlin arrested twice. In other words, if the first cardiac arrest was supposedly caused by Hamlin’s on-field contact, what then caused the second cardiac arrest?

Consider this: Bills player Damar Hamlin had to be resuscitated twice after collapsing from a cardiac arrest on the field, his uncle tells CNN.

Evidenced Conclusions

Relative to our examination of the mechanics of Hamlin’s contact overlaid by the medical and scientific information on commotio cortis from the NIH, the evidenced conclusions are itemized:

  1. Hamlin’s presumed vaccinated/boosted status is most relevant.
  2. Hamlin’s on-field contact was benign and not congruent with the forces necessary to trigger commotio cortis according to angles, contact points, contact object size, motion, and forces.
  3. By age, Hamlin is an outlier for typical commotio cortis.
  4. As an adult, Hamlin’s thicker chest wall decreases the likelihood of him incurring commotio cortis.
  5. Commotio cortis is a contentious subject not fully understood.
  6. Commotio cortis overlays myocarditis relative to the myocardium and where myocarditis is directly correlated as a resulting condition; along with pericarditis and other cardiac aliments, from the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines.
  7. Hamlin’s contact was not directly over the heart in the anterior chest as required for commotio cortis.
  8. The smaller and harder the contacting object is [a baseball, for example] as compounded by contact location [directly over the heart] and velocity [speeds of 30-40 mph so as to produce 50 joules], the greater the likelihood of commotio cortis occurring; and where in Hamlin’s case, the large padded shoulder surface in angular contact with Hamlin’s padded breast plate falls outside the parameters for commotio cortis as a plausible cause and diagnosis.
  9. In cases of commotio cortis, sudden death and collapse are instant or occur after “several seconds” from the point of contact and this is anomalous to the evidenced mechanics of Hamlin’s contact, tackle, and post-tackle. Immediately following contact, Hamlin actively engaged in “gator roll” technique, steered the ball carrier to the ground, came to rest on top of the ball carrier, came to all fours, stood up, disengaged from an opposing player, adjusted his facemask and then demonstrated the first indication of distress accounting for a nearly 5-second disparity. In the aggregate, these evidenced facts occur outside the scope for commotio cortis which entails “a sudden impact with the anterior chest overlying the heart, followed by immediate cardiac arrest.” Hamlin did not go into immediate cardiac arrest. Hamlin did not even demonstrate immediate distress. Rather Hamblin steered the ball carrier to the ground completing the tackle, took to his feet, adjusted his facemask, and then began to show signs of distress before then collapsing.
  10. Hamlin arrested twice as an indicator that his cardiac arrests were attributable to an ongoing condition such as myocarditis, pericarditis, or another similar heart condition that is evidenced to result from COVID-19 vaccination and boosting rather than from any blunt force trauma as in the case with commotio cortis and where the mechanics of the tackle and post-tackle are further insufficient for that diagnosis.

Concluding Remarks

There is a reason no one will discuss the elephant in Damar Hamlin’s room in the ICU. There is a reason that those who do are attacked and branded conspiracy theorists. There is a reason the commotio cortis cover story is being unrolled.

Unfortunately for everyone and especially young Mr. Hamlin and his family, coaches, and teammates, the conspiracy theorists have been right about COVID-19 all along and the commotio cortis diagnosis is garbage.

The diagnosis of commotio cortis for Hamlin’s cardiac arrests [2] is implausible and bad medicine. I’ve eviscerated that diagnosis with sound analysis and medical and scientific information in this article. Someone needs to confirm what we already know – Hamlin is vaccinated and boosted. Perhaps then, this country can begin to reverse out of the largest and ongoing tragedy of our lifetimes that so far has claimed the lives of more than 6 million people globally.

As I stated in my initial thread detailing my thoughts: Hamlin’s tragedy as a force for good should compel any and all to immediately call for and then bring to an end human genetic experimentation sans proper trials and vetting that are maiming and killing in the form of mRNA injections. Let Hamlin’s light shine in this way.

All the evidence indicates one thing: commotio cortis didn’t cause Damar Hamlin’s tragic cardiac arrests. Ongoing evil did.


This piece was written by Political Moonshine on January 4, 2023. It originally appeared in RedVoiceMedia.com and is used by permission.

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