The trial of the Proud Boys, accused of participating in the Capitol breach on January 6th, has taken a dramatic turn as the defense team has accused the government of lacking communication (they do not even answer emails) and showing irrelevant evidence.

Judge Kelly, for the most part, takes the side of the government. However, he said he will not allow the BLM being burnt by Enrique or what Enrique said about it.

Today it is Inspector Lloyd’s Second time on the witness stand. He was in charge on that day and had a clear view of the capitol breach.

Mr. Roots from the defense questioned inspector Lloyd about the gas that was used and how it made people react. He admitted it was true that the crowd reaction was a consequence of the inordinate use of gas and that some officers even had the same reaction as the crowd. Mr. Roots also asked why such a show of deadly force? Lloyd answered that the use of such force was not part of their training. Let’s not forget that four Trump supporters died that day, and let us also remember that no police died, contrary to what this administration claims, misleading the American people.

The government is now using a term that is misleading as well. The prosecution contends that the crowd of people was being a “tool” used by the Proud Boys. Furthermore, the government curiously brought up AJ Fischer, indicating he possibly was a co-conspirator which is new and inaccurate since he is not in this trial. AJ Fischer was involved in partying, not planning. On the afternoon of J6, he had no communications with any of those on-trial when they were on the Capitol grounds. The prosecution has now invented telepathy among Proud Boys, who until now couldn’t coordinate take-out fast food.

The defense (Nick Smith) asked for a mistrial as videos shown by the government are tainting the jury. We can clearly see that the videos the prosecution used do not show the defendants and should be irrelevant. For example, they show the tunnel or the police trapped in the door. However, none of the defendants were present in these locations. Judge Kelly said we will have to come to that back later and will instruct the jury to not use these videos in their decision, but one would ask: “How can the jury forget what they saw?”.

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Judge Kelly keeps on attempting to make Mr. Norm Pattis, defense attorney for Joe Biggs, look bad in the eyes of the jury as much as possible because he knows that Norm won against the government several times. Norm mentioned that there are evidences hidden from them as the ones concerning the Proud Boys in the J6 Committee’s report.

Cross-examination with a special agent will be next.

This piece was written by Peter Santilli on January 17, 2023. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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