Pete Santilli interviews Nicole Reffitt on his show. Nicole Reffitt is one of the courtroom reporters who keeps us updated on the ProudBoys trial.

Dan Hull’s egregious comments concerning Ashli Babbitt have been all over, but Judge Kelly does not have an opinion about it.  He was more interested in getting rid of Mr. Pattis, Joe Biggs lead lawyer. However, the great news of the day is that Mr. Pattis can stay on the case, as the judge in Connecticut put a stay on the suspension of his license.

During their opening arguments, the prosecution tried their best to convince the jurors of the guilt of the defendants, using inflammatory and biased comments. However, the defense did a very good job of laying out facts–mostly unknown, but public.

Nick Smith, Ethan Nordean’s attorney, was very impressive.  He spoke very calmly to the jurors assuring them that they would not find any conspiracy.

Roger Roots, whom we perceive Judge Kelly does not like, was also brilliant in his presentation. Though the prosecution tried to put him in a bad light so the jury would not like him, Mr. Roots mastery of his trade was impressive. He is not the friend of the DOJ and does not hide it.  Mr. Roger made the point that what his client, Dominic Pezzola, did was a reaction to what he saw: the police’s extreme and unwarranted violence. He stood strong for J6ers. Though Judge Kelly tried to prevent Mr. Roger from presenting a case of self-defense, the picture of a man with a rubber bullet* in his cheek startled the jury, several jurors averting their eyes from the gruesome photo. The prosecution did not want the jurors to see the video of this incident for good reason. Americans have been prevented from knowing the truth about January the 6th, but this trial should expose the truth about the police actions that day, as well as the unprecedented witch hunt against Trump supporters.

Yesterday saw a lot of contention between judge Kelly and Carmen Hernandez, Zach Rehl’s attorney. She mentioned that Mr. Rehl is innocent, something the government had an issue with. The the law of the land has always stood for the presumption of innocence by the expression, “innocent until proven guilty. This has been a cherished principle held by the American people.  However, it seems, the government has turned the tables and would rather have the opposite: “guilty until proven innocent”.  Ms. Hernandez said she has never seen anything like it in her 35 years of practice. She had to hold her ground yesterday as every word she said was scrutinized to the extreme.

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Lawyers today explained clearly that the jury would see the evidence of the innocence of their clients.

As the opening statements were going on, we could see the defendants seemed confident, making eye contact with the jurors. They were well-dressed, a personable group of American citizens hoping their innocence would be clearly demonstrated and their freedom reinstated, as all of them have been detained for months. The family members in the gallery are holding strong. They all need prayer and support.

Proverbs 18:5 ESV / 1,250 helpful votes 

“It is not good to be partial to the wicked or to deprive the righteous of justice.”

* Amy Berman Jackson will announce the verdict in the bench trial of Joshua Black tomorrow at 2. 

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The Trial of The Century: The Rubber Bullet!

This piece was written by Peter Santilli on January 12, 2023. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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