This Harvard Alumnus strongly disapproves of the Harvard Corporation’s decision not to fire President Claudine Gay over plagiarism allegations and her support of anti-semitic activity threatening students on campus. This decision is not only disappointing but also sets a dangerous precedent for academic integrity and accountability within the institution, risking its existence.

First and foremost, plagiarism is a serious offense that undermines the very foundation of academic scholarship. By allowing President Gay to remain in her position despite the evidence of plagiarism, the Harvard Corporation is sending a message that such behavior is acceptable and will not be met with severe consequences. This is a dangerous message to send to students, faculty, and the wider academic community.

Furthermore, the Harvard Corporation’s decision to not fire President Gay is inconsistent with our institution’s own policies and standards. If a student or faculty member were to commit the same offense, it is highly likely that they would face severe consequences. This double standard is unacceptable and undermines the credibility of the institution.

Moreover, the decision not to fire President Gay also raises questions about the Harvard Corporation’s commitment to upholding the highest standards of academic integrity. It is essential that the institution’s leaders lead by example and demonstrate a strong commitment to these values. By allowing President Gay to remain in her position, the Harvard Corporation is not only condoning plagiarism but also undermining the institution’s reputation but could lead to its demise.

In conclusion, the Harvard Corporation’s decision not to fire President Gay for plagiarism is deeply concerning and sets a dangerous precedent. It is crucial that the institution’s leaders are held to the same high standards as students and faculty, and that they demonstrate a strong commitment to academic integrity and accountability. I urge the Harvard Corporation to reconsider its decision and take the appropriate action, fire President Gay.

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