This from the Epoch Times: “Retired Army Officer Says He Was Barred From Publicly Recognizing ‘Woke’ Policies Are Harming Recruitment. The Pentagon is aware of how progressive policies are contributing to the U.S. Army’s falling short of its recruiting goals, but those on the inside are prohibited from publicly acknowledging this, according to a recently retired Army major. More than a year after replying on behalf of the U.S. Army Recruiting Command to an inquiry from The Epoch Times about the Army’s recruitment struggles, retired Maj. Charles “Chase” Spears reached out again. Mr. Spears wanted to share an unbridled explanation of the state of recruiting in the Army, which finished 2023 with 55,000 new recruits, significantly short of the 65,000 it had aimed for in the fiscal year. Barred from speaking about these issues, Mr. Spears said he was “disappointed” and “frustrated.” He often wondered whether there was “an ulterior motive” for denying him the ability to share the information. Mr. Spears and his family had planned for him to fulfill a 30-year career, but in October 2022, he chose to retire after two decades of service. Now a Doctoral Candidate at Kansas State University, Spears dissertation is studying the reality of the military as a political entity. Former US Army Recruiting Command Spokesman and Major Chase Spears is also a signatory of the Declaration of Military Accountability is my guest today.