Ukraine: A Warning To The World

The war in Ukraine is not going well from the West’s perspective as former Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s panicked presentation reveals. Sadly dead young men and women can’t tell us the long and sordid tale of how and why this war started but there are a few very knowledgeable individuals in the world who can and we have with us today, the author of Ukraine – A Warning To The World, as my guest today. From America’s involvement in the so-called Orange revolution, through the CIA supported Maidan revolution and beyond into the intentions of the globalists as their final outcome, this book provides detailed analysis based on the facts on the ground and we should all read it, and heed its warning. The book follows the journey of French entrepreneur Thierry Laurent Pelet whose life became entangled with the crisis in Ukraine, prompting his deep exploration of the country’s history and socio-political dynamics. Amidst the 2014 coup d’é tat in Ukraine, Pelet, a former speed skiing athlete and serial entrepreneur with a decade of living in the US and Ukraine, emerges as a valuable source of intelligence. His mission is to mediate and mitigate the escalating crisis globally. The book challenges mainstream narratives by revealing truths obscured by manipulations driven by cross-cutting interests. From the rise of Nazism and the Maidan protests to political assassinations, ethnic cleansing, the MH17 incident, and references to biological weapons (including COVID), it exposes the realities often overlooked, shedding light on governance’s cowardice and hypocrisy.


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