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What is white rage General Milley?

I insist and hope other officers insist you explain your comment. What intelligence did you base this deduction on that the Capitol riot was due to this phenomenon? I smell bullshit but await your answer. That was my response to General Milley’s absurd testimony to Congress where he insisted, in an arrogant faux I’m offended huff, that critical race theory on senior leader reading lists for their subordinates was so they could learn about the white rage that caused the January sixth riots. Of course, there is zero evidence there was any racial motivation behind January 6, and no, you leftists our there, don’t throw up the picture of the one individual with a confederate battle flag in the capitol as evidence. Those folks show up at everything, even your events, see Bernie Bros. Quite a few folks had responses to Milley too. Here’s what Hillbilly Elegy author and Ohio Senate Candidate JD Vance said: “I’d like for the General to read a lot less about White Rage and I would like him to read a lot more about how not to lose a war, because that’s the job he’s failing at, and that’s the job we pay him for.” Of course thousands of leftists, including woke mil twitter, decided they would deride me and others for being disrespectful to Milley and how dare we question him, etc. As you can see there is not the slightest disrespect in my or JD’s tweet but I guess frank feedback isn’t allowed by the wimp lefty’s these days. More importantly on this issue, from my friend Air Force veteran Wayne Dupree, We’re losing our military, folks. This is how all great empires collapse…from within. Look at Athens and Rome. Meanwhile, China is on the rise, and we’re focused on genders and Dr. Seuss books. Our government wants to pump communist “Critical Race Theory” into our kids minds, and the Chinese are getting stronger and more aggressive. We have generals and military leaders who are more worried about flying a “Gay Pride flag” than standing up to our enemies. This is why we insist the General answer the question. What intelligence do you base your comments on? If you have it, show it to the American people, we not only demand to see it, we have a right to see it because we are also responsible for our own defense if there are bands of marauding white supremacists in a rage roaming our land. On the other hand, we’re already armed and ready because of the bands of black lives matter and antifa terrorists already marauding and roaming the land, you know, the extremist problem you refuse to recognize.

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