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American Collapse: They Tell Us They Want Us Dead And It Is True | The Rob Maness Show EP272

That’s the tranifesto finally revealed, at least partially, by Steven Crowder. The Nashville trans terrorist, in her own words, tells us she was well trained, developed an operational plan, and coldly murdered Christian children and school workers in a professionally executed terrorist attack. Its important to note we don’t have it all yet, but we will eventually. Obviously she was motivated by a deep hatred of white people, Christians, and wealthy people. These are the same motivations of the Hamas supporters we’ve seen attack the White House and various other targets since October 7th. Just yesterday we saw news that a pro-Hamas protestor attacked and killed a 65 year old Jewish man attending a pro-Israel rally in Los Angeles California. Most Americans don’t even believe we have real elections anymore and are very concerned with the internal threat the 12 million illegal aliens who’ve come into our country since Biden came into office represents. We are witnessing the collapse of American civil society right before our eyes and almost every conversation these days seems to turn to the question: what are we to do about it?

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