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Americans Throw More Billions At Ukraine’s Lost Cause | The Rob Maness Show EP 339

Over the weekend we witnessed Republican Speaker Mike Johnson pass more than $60 billion in more aid to Ukraine without a majority of votes from his own party, even more than we spend every year on our entire Marine Corps, as Senator Paul said. What is the cause in Ukraine though? That is the driving question behind opposition to sending more billions from America to Ukraine. We have asked for and not been told what the desired end state is for the war effort. Is it Ukraine taking all of its lost territory? Does that include Crimea? Unfortunately, all you ever hear from the endless war politicians is that we’re degrading Russia on the cheap! Yes, as disgusting as that is, they actually say it. The other phrase we hear a lot, and did this weekend on the US House of Representatives floor is “we will defend Ukraine at all costs” and no one ever explains it because what that means is that we will fight until the last Ukrainian is dead, and then we’ll throw American kids into the meatgrinder in this totally unnecessary war. Hundreds of thousands dead and more to come now that the war will grind on for a few more months with this new aid package. My guest today is retired US Navy commander, author, college professor, and former senior DHS official Randy Arrington.

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