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Voter Integrity Remains A Challenge in 2024 | The Rob Maness Show EP 341

Voter rolls are the foundational and critical data to successful election integrity efforts. As you just heard, our government is funding a illegal voter registration project with our tax dollars at this moment. If we are to succeed in our efforts, we citizens are going to have to act. Today we’ll be talking with a leader in voter integrity at the state level whose discovery of very large voter roll anomalies is making news even though the state is Mississippi, not a swing state, and solidly republican statewide. Mississippi citizens invited a quantum technology team called Fractal to audit the Mississippi voter rolls – and the results, as you will see today, are surprising. The reddest state, or one of them, has voter rolls with enough obvious aberrations – found with Fractal quantum compute in less than 45 minutes – to impact a statewide election. Alan Ramsay leads Mississippi’s Voter Integrity Project and joins me as my guest today to let us in on this surprising news.

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