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Leftist Media High Tech Lynch Mobs in Mississippi | The Rob Maness Show EP 350

High tech lynch mobs. I first heard the phrase when Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas likened his treatment during his Senate confirmation to a lynching, but without the rope, after Senator Joe Biden attempted to destroy his professional reputation and his family during the hearing. In the last week we’ve seen young Americans, mostly men and often referred to as frat boys, on college campuses like these at Ole Miss here in Mississippi, stand in the way of protesters supporting the despicable Hamas Nazis that executed the atrocities in Israel on October 7th 2023 as they have attempted to tear down American flags and replace them with the Hamas Nazi flag. These protesters have also committed violence on these campuses and even hit targets such as burning 15 police vehicles just days ago. Enter the frat boys across mostly Southern university campuses, stepping into the breach and facing down these Marxist terrorists on their campuses and are now being accused of being racists and one in the video you just saw has been doxed and his fraternity forced to kick him out. Why? Because the Marxist media in this country is now the digital lynch mob and they will not only stop at nothing to hurt white males but plan these operations in great detail in order to create the conditions favorable to their success. My guest today is a well-known radio talk show host in Jackson Mississippi and follows these kinds of stories closely. He hosts the Clay Edwards show on 103.9 WYAB in Jackson Mississippi, Also known as Mississippi’s Most Incendiary Talk Radio Show & Podcast.

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