There is an aggressive effort to set a narrative about the January 6th incident that all of President Trump’s supporters are domestic terrorists and armed insurrectionists. This in fact, can’t be further from the truth. However, as National Pulse’s Raheem Kassam says in this interview with OAN’s Jack Posobiec, the media and political narrative being set is not correct and we have to push back on it now just as aggressively.

Why do we need to? First, because 75 million voters are not domestic terrorists but the leftist and their controlled media are blaring out every day that we are. These lies will have implications for many years on our ability to travel (people are being placed on the TSA no-fly list without due process as I type this), our ability to keep or get jobs (people are being fired just for working for the Trump campaign and for being seen at the rally), an dour ability to have full civil rights in American society (see the silencing of tens of thousands on social media).

Make your voices heard in Congress, on social media, and in the media, peacefully of course, or you won’t have a voice left.

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