The former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich spoke out this week to reveal how he feels Republicans can win big over Democrats in 2022.

Gingrich said that a sure-fire strategy for Republicans would be to portray all Democrats as “big government socialists” for supporting President Biden’s $3.5 trillion social welfare spending package.

“To have an issue of this size involving $3½ trillion in spending and about $3 trillion in taxes, and to have every single Democrat having voted lockstep in favor of it, gives you a weight of argument unlike anything I’ve seen in recent years,” Gingrich said, according to The Washington Times.

Gingrich went on to say that Republicans need to develop “a new way of talking” about this issue, saying that they can’t allow some Democrats who voted for the package last month to portray themselves as moderates.

“Every single Democrat in the House and Senate voted for what is literally Bernie Sanders’ bill,” he explained. “Bernie Sanders, for Pete’s sake, is an open and avowed socialist. It’s not slandering him to say that he’s a socialist. So you’re in a position where you can literally pin every single Democrat running for reelection against that reality.”

The National Republican Senatorial Committee issued a statement earlier this week slamming Democrats for “barreling through an additional $3.5 trillion (more like $5.5 trillion) in reckless spending in order to completely remake the U.S. economy into a socialist utopia.”

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“Will Senate Democrats like Maggie Hassan [of New Hampshire], Mark Kelly [of Arizona], Raphael Warnock [of Georgia], Catherine Cortez Masto [of Nevada] and Michael Bennet [of Colorado] finally speak out against their party’s inflation-inducing spending, or will they continue to turn a blind eye to the negative impacts their far-Left policies have on American families?” the NRSC said.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fired back through a spokesperson who claimed that the spending proposals in the package are popular.

“Democrats will deliver on highly popular, once-in-a-generation investments in infrastructure, access to child care and health care, and energy independence for the American people,” said DCCC spokesman Chris Taylor.

“Americans agree: The uber-wealthy and corporations should pay their fair share to support these investments in America’s future,” he added. “Meanwhile, House Republicans are stuck shifting from one half-baked message to the next because [House Minority Leader Kevin] McCarthy and his extremist circus have zero ideas and even less moral integrity to campaign on.”

Gingrich, however, feels differently. He sees the $3.5 trillion package as a gold mine of campaign ammunition for Republicans in 2022.

“The next phase is just having to sit down and work through all of the things in the bill that prove that it’s a dramatic expansion of government into your life,” he said. “You begin to have sort of a cradle-to-grave government power over your life.”

Gingrich concluded by saying that Democrats votes for this package “have given Republicans the opportunity of a lifetime to brand the Democratic Party so it becomes a minority for a generation or more.”

“The test is now on the Republican side — and in the conservative movement — to see if they can rise to the opportunity,” he stated.

Democrats are running this country into the ground, so it is more important than ever that we take back the majority in 2022. Here’s hoping that Republicans heed Gingrich’s advice, because it seems like he’s come up with a winning strategy.

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