During her show on Saturday night, Judge Jeanine Pirro exposed the sickening new strategy that is being applied by leftists these days, saying that liberals have become “emboldened.”

“Fake it till you make it,” Pirro said on her Fox News show. “That’s the new motto of the left-wing of America. Because in 2021, if you dare to disagree with liberals and dare to speak out against the rise of lawlessness in America, beware.”

“We saw it this week with the fake rush to judgment prosecution of Kyle Rittenhouse, the young man from Kenosha, Wisconsin, brazenly mistreated by the mainstream media, the vindictive left, and even the president of the United States, who lied and said that he was a White supremacist, a domestic terrorist, that he was part of a militia,” she added. “This now-18-year-old was downright harassed and abused by a hostile prosecutor, a prosecutor who called into question the defendant’s innocence in front of the jury simply because he exercised his constitutional right to remain silent before a trial.”

“Make no mistake, liberals are emboldened,” Pirro concluded. “And their fake it till you make it strategy has kicked into high gear. For anyone on the wrong side of the political aisle, you could quickly find yourself on the Democrats’ enemy list.”

Pirro has previously said that liberals are running this country into the ground, as they have made “lawlessness” the norm in America.

“Lawlessness in this country is worse than ever,” she said last month. “What’s different, however, is the sense of permission the criminals have – that they’re allowed to vent, to steal, to loot. After all, businesses have insurance. So we let them steal with no consequence, no arrest, no conviction, no jail time. We’ll let them burn down neighborhoods and businesses, because they want ‘social justice,’ as if the destruction of property and lives brings them anything. It only hurts victims.”

“Murders are spiking in major Democrat-run cities across this country,” Pirro continued, citing stats to back this up by asserting, “Up in cities like Portland, 57%. Austin, 71%. Los Angeles, 65%. Las Vegas, 71%. Children going to buy candy are shot at. A 1-year-old sitting in a stroller shot and killed. Children in their own homes, in their own beds, a place that they have a right to be, are shot and killed by criminals that don’t deserve to breathe the same air that we do. And a 4-year-old girl shot on her way to a toy store in Times Square.”

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“In cities across America, police are not only being handcuffed, they’re being defunded, demoralized, and told to stand down,” she concluded. “Ordered not to arrest, and if they do, the swinging door of no bail lets the criminal out to re-offend.”

As per usual, Pirro has hit the nail on the head, as this is what a country looks like when it is run by crazed radical leftists. Here’s hoping that we can take America back in the midterm elections next year.

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