Joe Biden has nowhere to go but up. It’s like that when you’re starting at the bottom of an abyss. 2022 does not bode well for this man.

FNC: “President Biden and congressional Democrats are getting less done in Washington than a plurality of voters expected, according to a new poll. Meanwhile, a separate poll released this week shows Biden’s approval rating reaching the lowest point of his presidency.

The sluggish poll results emerged as the Biden administration was grappling with inflation fears among American consumers, a new rise in coronavirus cases – prompting governments and businesses alike to adopt protocols similar to those in 2020 – and the stalling of the president’s policy agenda in Congress, where Biden’s Build Back Better spending plan ran into an obstacle in the form of Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin’s decision not to support the legislation.”

In a poll conducted Dec. 18-20 by Morning Consult and Politico, 41% of respondents said congressional Democrats have accomplished less than they expected, 10% said they accomplished more than expected and 32% said Democrats accomplished about what they expected. The numbers for Biden were just as bad: Forty-two percent believe he has accomplished less than expected, 11% say more than expected and 38% say he has accomplished about what they expected, the poll says.

Meanwhile, just 41% of Americans  approve of the job Biden has been doing, says a joint NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist College study. Most fearful for the Democrat: He saw his support among independens drop by eight points in one week, PBS reported. One week.

Fifty-five percent of Americans say they disapprove of Biden’s performance, with 44% saying they strongly disapprove. The 55% disapproval is 20 points higher than when Biden took office in January, while the “strongly disapprove” result is six points higher than in a Marist poll taken just a week earlier. The man is crashing.

Among independents: Two-thirds of voters not with a party say they disapprove of Biden, with half saying they strongly disapprove, according to PBS. Both results mark increases of at least 30 points since Inauguration Day. Overall, just 29% of independents back the president, the report said. He can’t be elected town crier in San Francisco with those numbers.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on December 23, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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