Following the media circus that surrounded Kyle Rittenhouse even before he had his day in court, news outlets like CNN have mysteriously forgotten about the teenager who was found not guilty on all counts. Although the media labeled him as a domestic terrorist, MAGA fanatic, and murderer, a jury of his peers saw it drastically different. Still, that didn’t stop even President Joe Biden from pushing a narrative against Rittenhouse. But now that he was found innocent, many Americans have wondered if Rittenhouse will file one of the most significant defamation lawsuits against media companies for smearing his name. 

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Being a guest speaker at Turning Point USA, Rittenhouse was showered with cheers and claps from the crowd as he walked on stage. While there were definitely some softball questions thrown in, the host quickly asked the question that almost every conservative wants to know and every news company is afraid to ask. 

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Not answering the questions outright, Rittenhouse did smirk while discussing the potential of a lawsuit being brought against media outlets for how they slandered his name before and during the trial. As mentioned above, even President Biden released a video that depicted Rittenhouse as some sort of White Supremacist. Although he didn’t answer, Rittenhouse was sure to declare that accountability was coming. 

This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on December 21, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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