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Political Prisoners, Censorship, Propaganda, and Disinformation in America | EP 348

America was once the land of liberty. The home of the first amendment with freedom of the press, of speech, assembly, and the right to seek redress of our grievances from the government without fear of retribution. That America is evaporating before our eyes. We are now the land of tyranny, with political prisoners, government-imposed censorship of opposing views, subjected to endless government propaganda and disinformation operations, aided, and abetted by civilian corporations, primarily the social media companies and even worse, the once free press corporate outlets. That’s the bad news, but the good news is we still live in a country where American entrepreneurs are highly industrious and innovative when it comes to solving problems society faces. We even have some that still have a strong moral character that are working on this problem. One of those Americans joins me today to discuss the challenges and to talk about his new social media platform called PICKAX! Jeff Dornik is CEO of Pickax, an author, podcast host and an independent media network creator.

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