On Monday night, a truly unprecedented Supreme Court leak occurred in the form of a draft by Justice Samuel Alito indicating that the highest court in the land is preparing to overturn Roe V. Wade. Now, former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is giving her thoughts on the leak.

“Never in the history of the Supreme Court in modern history had an opinion like this leak, and it makes you wonder how it leaked,” she said while appearing on Fox News hours after the leak. “Was it a clerk in and maybe disagreed with the opinion and took this unprecedented step to put public pressure on justices because they’re still making their decisions? I don’t know. But it would seem to me [someone] with a motive clearly leaked this in a way that is very unusual for the Supreme Court.”

McEnany later gave further thought on Twitter, saying, “If this leaked draft is the opinion of the Court, America – at least in some jurisdictions – will no longer be a pariah among nations when it comes to abortion We are 1 of 8 countries that allow elective abortion after 20 wks putting us in the good company of North Korea & China.”

On Tuesday, McEnany penned an op-ed in which she wrote that “if Roe is indeed overturned, 50 years of legal fallacy will finally be undone. The 62 million lives lost to abortion can never be restored, but a scourge on America’s conscience will be no longer.”

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Fox News host Laura Ingraham also sounded off about the leak, saying on her show that “no matter what you think about this outcome, the leak itself represents a shocking and unprecedented breach of the court’s confidentiality, which is sacred, sacrosanct, and it’s key to the court’s ability on any issue to engage in the give and take and all the decision-making based on the Constitution, not because of political pressure.”

“It is not up to a law clerk or any employee of the court to leak a decision in what is a naked attempt to try to change the outcome,” she continued. “I was a Supreme Court law clerk and I know because I saw it. Opinions go back and forth, drafts of opinions go back and forth. Language changes sometimes, sometimes, even votes might change, and through the entirety of the court’s history, no matter how controversial or disruptive the court’s decisions have been, none of those draft opinions ever leaked.”

“You know why?” Ingraham concluded. “Because everyone in that building understood that was a line that could never be crossed, and it is a sad commentary that someone in that building took it upon himself or herself to totally usurp the role of the justices and hijack the court’s deliberative process.”

Only time will tell what will happen to Roe V. Wade, but hopefully the American people are also given answers as to how this leak occurred in the first place.