The period of time between the stolen election of November 2020 and the January 2021 inauguration of Joe Biden was many things, if not gut-wrenching, problematic, and telling. For a very long time, in the sidebar of this website, I maintained a countdown to inauguration day 2021, branding it as the most important date, followed by the most important span in contemporary American history. I erred severely in thinking that there was no plausible way President Donald Trump would acquiesce and stand down to a cartel of criminals and traitors who had obviously stolen an election to permit them to fully inherit all of the power and authority of the federal apparatus in order to be abused and bent back against its political enemies. Then again, that’s how communist regimes always function.

What was the most important span, you may ask? It was the dates of 11-13 Jan 17. On the 11th, Anthony Fauci predicted a “surprise disease outbreak” during the Trump Administration, and on the 13th, as permitted by executive orders issued by Obama to augment presidential transition law standing since 1963, the construct for an influenza pandemic was inserted into the Trump Administration during compulsory presidential transition meetings overseen by the Presidential Transition Office; a Department of Homeland Security functionary. In between, the Obama Administration leaked the fraudulent Russia/Mike Flynn allegations as the deflection point away from the construct insert.

*Beneath the Moonshine COVID-19 timeline in the section of graphic illustrations, you can examine the actual slides from the pandemic construct insert.

The fateful dates of 11-13 Jan 17 would set the nation on the course for sheer and utter destruction and death as a construct of enterprise that almost the entirety of America believed was a legitimate “pandemic” was unpacked and unleashed on America. Cleverly and in a similar design to the Russia/Flynn deflection, the first of two fraudulent impeachments of President Trump was the deflection point construct away from the designed emergence of COVID-19. I’m the only one in America to assume and evidence that position, which I did in March 2020 during the very early stages of COVID. Look here, fake impeachment, don’t look here, fake pandemic. I reviewed this in an article two days ago.

By early May 2020, my analysis of COVID-19 as a construct of enterprise fraud led to another exclusive position that, quite frankly, no one else had assumed or evidenced at that time or in the months thereafter. Based upon recent testimony from a CCP whistleblower and virologist, Dr. Li Meng Yan, yesterday’s article rehashed that entire position with further evidence of the laser accurate analysis asserting that the so-called pandemic was actually a Chinese biowarfare attack aligned with China’s preferred and stated doctrinal warfare vector. The basis of the article was the recent emergence of a Department of Energy [DOE] report, which I covered in a previous article, and which confirms the “lab leak” theory. My analysis properly dismissed that notion as yet further narrative construction as a component of the Biden Administration’s limited hangout exit strategy from COVID-19. Read both articles [1 2] for deeper comprehension.

The corpus of my analysis has long factored NATO and its encroachment on Russian national sovereignty as critical components. That analysis informs the analysis on manufactured regime change in Ukraine that served to eventually deliver Volodymyr Zelensky as a U.S., Western Empire and Globalist proxy; which draws back to 2014, the Euromaidan Revolution and the Obama/Biden/Clinton/Kerry/Nuland cartel that delivered it in collaboration with the intelligence community.

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Russia is the Western Empire’s favorite “boogeyman” because it represents the last vestige of sovereignty and nationalism as underpinned by Orthodox Christianity. Moreover, Russia is wholesale resistant to its own hijacking by the same Globalist cartel that now runs America. This is precisely why nationalist President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin normalized bilateral relations and effectuated peace during Trump’s first term. This single fact served as a critical barometer for observant and discerning eyes.

During the period of time between the stolen 2020 election and Biden’s January 2021 election, there was a glaring and palpable shift back to Russia as the American, Globalist, and Western Empire “boogeyman.” I wrote about it in this 19 Dec 20 article: CRITICAL: The Pending Pivot Back to Russia.

That critical analysis was the foundation for further analysis holding that the Biden Administration had resumed Obama-era foreign policy and was actively driving the U.S. states toward war with Russia in Ukraine. The analysis was further developed to evidence the actual trajectory of a multiple-front war with Russia over Ukraine and China over Taiwan and the South China Sea. The biowarfare attack of COVID-19 was the first strike, and it was preceded by a long timeline of U.S. infiltration by China that leverages Cloward-Piven strategy to execute the internally controlled demolition of the nation.

The most frightening aspect of the accurate analysis that has been long ahead of the news cycle being the evidenced contention that in this multiple-front war, Biden intends to take a dive to hand over the U.S. to global governance enforced by the CCP’s brand of Marxist communism. The corpus of this exhaustive analysis now exceeds 107 articles.

Recall that it’s the DOE that put forth the report “confirming” the fraudulent “lab leak” theory. It was no leak rather it was a deliberate release that was suspected of occurring during the October 2019 World Police and Fire Games held in China, which served as the initial viral transmission spreading event. Returning to my 19 Dec 20 article on the pending pivot back to Russia, consider this [emphasis added]:

There is an ongoing pivot back to Russia and it’s pending on the finality of the Biden steal. As 80 million Americans find themselves imprisoned by draconian measures delivered by the CCP’s weaponized pandemic, they are also trying to sort-out the granular aspects of a patently stolen election. Meanwhile, there is a fundamental shift that is occurring and is likely going unnoticed. The implications of it all are profound.

The backdrop to this is the reported hacking of the Department of Energy (and others) relative to SolarWinds, which is deeply enmeshed in the 2020 election vis-a-vis Dominion/Smartmatic. Astonishingly, the hack has left significant components to the entire federal digital system completely vulnerable, unmitigated, not redressed and at the control of hostile foreign powers. You’ll hear those details in the interview linked below.


Recall the evidence that Eric Snowden presented whereby the intelligence community has the ability to hack into a system, extract the targeted data and then intentionally leave behind evidence of “Russian hacking tools.” As you move through this article, continue to ask yourself this basic question. Who more likely executed this hack, Russia or the intelligence community that is on the cusp of being disemboweled in the full public spectrum and which has the capability to leave behind a Russian marker to pin it elsewhere?

Political Moonshine in December 2020

The political climate at the time is represented by this image from the article:

Let’s be frank. The intelligence community was unsure of the “accuracy of this allegation” because it was a primary force responsible for it.

From the article,

It’s as simple as this and it’s really old hat. Russia is the current boogeyman du jour for the Deep State. When I was a kid, it was the USSR (and not forgetting the Iran hostage affair during the Carter administration.) When I was in college the second time (late 90s) it became radical Islamic terrorism. Get the picture? The boogeyman is as fluid as a viral pandemic construct. It can be whatever, whenever and why-ever as desired.

Political Moonshine

The article goes on to present a Lou Dobbs segment with former senior State Department advisor and cybersecurity expert Morgan Wright alleging a “grave, grave [cyber] attack on the United States” by Russia. Further and resting on my longstanding analysis of the intelligence community and its functionaries, specifically the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, then chaired by Adam Schiff-D and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, then chaired by Richard Burr-R and now chaired by Mark Warner-D, I further presented this from The Hill: Warner: ‘All indications point to Russia’ in cyberattack [note that it was linked via a Twitter post with my old account that is still banned.]

The article goes on to make the case for the pending pivot back to Russia and Obama-era foreign policy. I concluded it with:

The pivot back to Russia is here and it’s not going anywhere.

Political Moonshine on 19 Dec 20

What has happened since I wrote that piece? Answer: Everything I projected except for the full and actual outbreak of the multiple-front war against Russia and China.

There is now emerging evidence building on a more recent aspect of the analysis that indicates an alternative explanation for the multiple-front war. It centers on my corpus of work into Ukraine as the “keystone of corruption,” which envelops the FTX money laundering scandal and establishes Ukraine [and China] as an epicenter for Joe Biden’s corruption.

The position holds that Ukraine is a money and weapons laundering operation, and the latter has frightening implications in the face of the Russia/China multiple-front war going kinetic respective to my analysis that Biden intends to take a dive. It occurs by the U.S. expending its armaments and munitions in Ukraine prior to the China/Taiwan/South China Sea going hot, which would position the U.S. as a depleted military force incapable of sustaining a two-front war. This is the precise projection I made drawing back on the analysis from March 2021.

Over time, we’ve seen narrative creep suggesting that the NATO/Western Empire war in Ukraine is going to be a long-lasting one as opposed to one going kinetic in the shorter term. Given the evidenced levels of unprecedented corruption, money laundering, and weapons trafficking/laundering occurring there, it is possible that the manufactured war exists only for those purposes, but therein, we cannot account for China and her desires to recapture Taiwan at the most optimal time when a beleaguered America is exhausted and depleted in Ukraine.

In further evidence of an extended war in Ukraine, UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has stated that it could last another 12 months. Moreover, Western Empire leaders now privately admit that Ukraine is incapable of winning against Russia, and this serves as a logical entry point for direct U.S. entrance if no peace accord is reached. If a peace accord is reached, Western Empire leadership has advised Zelensky to “begin peace talks with Moscow this year in exchange for closer ties with NATO.” 

Respective to the prospects of any peace accord, the Biden Administration [China’s proxy] continues to stoke the fire of war rather than lead out. This has afforded China the opportunity to assume a position of leadership to the detriment of the U.S., and it’s one to which Globalist proxy Volodymyr Zelensky is receptive. Zelensky has indicated his desire to meet with Xi Jinping to openly discuss China’s peace proposal.

Further reporting indicates that “NATO has “answered” China’s Ukraine peace proposal unveiled earlier in the day by previewing a peace plan that three major Western allies reportedly have in the works. The plan hinges on Ukraine forging a defense pact with NATO (though stopping short of formal membership), and in return, Kyiv would enter talks with Moscow, likely with territorial concessions on the table.”

While China positions itself as a central node in any peace accord, it continues to admonish the U.S. in ways to belittle America in the world’s eyes. In a spate of projection, China is exercising doctrinal hegemony. At the same time, it criticizes the U.S. for the perils of its own hegemony.

Against the backdrop of a possible peace accord, Zelensky gives indications of the polar opposite by stating that Ukraine is positioned to move on to Crimea. Recall that we hold Crimea as a critical territory not just because of its long cultural ties to Russia but because of the port city of Sevastopol, which is home to Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.

Meanwhile, and not discounting the human toll, the financial toll of the manufactured war in Ukraine, which speaks to the money and weapons laundering positions, stands to exceed the total cost of the war in Afghanistan. Reporting indicates that “since the beginning of the war and as of Jan. 15, 2023, $46.6 billion in financial aid for military purposes has flowed to the country.”

With $46.6 billion already on the books, the Biden Administration more recently dispatched Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen to Kyiv at the same time it announced an additional $1.25 billion earmarked for Ukraine.

All of this clouds the analysis of the prospects for a kinetic war versus the threat of war as money and weapons laundering operations are ripping-off Americans in unprecedented ways.

Just as NATO and the U.S. have taken proxy military action to aggravate Russia in Ukraine, those warfare vectors are now diverging into the financial domain. Despite there being significant legal obstacles, consider that Yellen advised reporters in a phone briefing of the intent to fully seize $300 billion in Russian central bank assets frozen by sanctions to dedicate “to the benefit of the recovery of Ukraine.” Perhaps “aggravate” is understated.

Further aggravation of the war in Ukraine is found in the nation’s use of U.S. Black Hawk helicopters for Ukrainian intelligence operations. Additional armaments are also coming from prospective NATO member Sweden in the form of “around 10 Leopard tanks” and anti-air systems.

Meanwhile and most recently, reporting from yesterday and appearing in this morning’s headlines indicates that Ukraine executed a mass drone attack inside Russia’s borders and targeted Russian infrastructure and energy production. Importantly and in ways to exacerbate the already problematic aspects of this strike, recall that the U.S. intelligence community is already reported to exist in the backdrop of such strikes.

In March 2021, I projected that historically opposed Russia and China would begin bilateral cooperation that would eventually extend to bilateral military cooperation. That occurred exactly as projected. With that in mind, consider that CIA Director William Burns has stated that “We’re confident that the Chinese leadership is considering the provision of lethal equipment.” Therein, we have a direct linkage to the Russia [Ukraine]/China [Taiwan, South China Sea] multiple-front war that I also projected in March 2021.

Given Burns’ position, consider that the Biden Administration is now aggravating the Taiwan front by intending to quadruple “the amount of U.S. military on the island over the next couple of months.”

Tensions with China have further escalated with China’s interception of a P-8A Poseidon spy plane over the Taiwan Strait. Beijing was quick to again denounce the U.S. for the incident.

In light of the U.S. military’s ongoing and problematic entanglements with Russia and China, further erosion of confidence can be found in ways that fall back on Obama’s purge military leadership, which we position as the removal of those loyal to their Constitutional oaths as replaced by Globalist proxies. Therein, we note that the U.S. Air Force has removed “six leaders, including two commanders and four of their subordinates, at Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota.” were abruptly relieved of their duties “due to a loss of confidence.”

Maj. Gen. Andrew J. Gebara disturbingly stated that “These personnel actions were necessary to maintain the very high standards we demand of those units entrusted with supporting our Nation’s nuclear mission.”

The broader picture remains clouded – actual kinetic war or just the threat of war to facilitate massive money and weapons laundering operations? Both are plausible, and the threat of a kinetic World War III, as projected in March 2021, remains highly so. Victor Davis Hanson agrees:

A similar pre-global war lineup of the eventual adversaries is emerging in preview of a much larger, much scarier war to come [while] China believes it can be the real winner of the war...The longer this preview war goes on, the surer will follow the nightmarish main attraction.

Victor Davis Hanson

Actual kinetic war or just the threat of war to facilitate massive money and weapons laundering operations? For now, it’s both and only time will tell. In the interim and if needed, perhaps reacquaint yourself with God and pray as you’ve never prayed before.

Onward we march towards Armageddon.


This piece was written by Political Moonshine on March 2, 2023. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

Tucker Carlson: CCP Whistleblower Provides More Confirmation of Analysis From Three Years Ago on China’s Biowarfare Attack

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