AI Evolution: First Ground Combat Robots On The Battlefield in Ukraine | The Rob Maness Show EP 327

Days ago, the Russian armed forces introduced unmanned ground combat vehicles to the battlefield for the first time in the history of warfare. As usually happens, I’m sure things didn’t work out as they hoped, especially since the Ukrainian armed forces destroyed at least two of the robots with their own airborne drones. We humans have a tendency to become complacent about digital evolution because we inherently think these advancements are good for society as a whole but that is not always the case, in fact, the artificial intelligence that increasingly underpins the effectiveness of these advancements is said by many thought leaders, such as Elon Musk, to be quite dangerous if not developed appropriately. My guest today is War Room’s Tech Editor Joe Allen, author of Dark Aeon, the groundbreaking book revealing the dangers of AI and the intent of many of the people and entities seeking to advance it. The introduction on Dark Aeon’s Amazon page says “Like a thief in the night, artificial intelligence has inserted itself into our lives. It makes important decisions for us every day. Often, we barely notice.” Joe writes in the book, “Transhumanism is the great merger of humankind with the Machine. At this stage in history, it consists of billions using smartphones. Going forward, we’ll be hardwiring our brains to artificial intelligence systems.”