Listen to my interview with Wayne Dupree Show where I discuss why the US Senate needs a career military man instead of another career politician.
Happy birthday to President Ronald Reagan! As a lifelong Reagan Republican, I have always been inspired by the principled conservative leadership of the Gipper. Unfortunately, we are sorely lacking... Continue Reading
We just launched our new campaign store where you can purchase the official #ColonelsCrew tshirt and support our campaign to fight back... Continue Reading

About Rob

Rob Maness has a life long record of providing dedicated service to the Nation and ran as a Republican Candidate for the Louisiana United States Senate seat in 2014.The third son of Master Sargeant Billy and Lennie Maness, he and his three brothers grew up moving around the country and the world as their Dad served in the United States Air Force. Rob learned about many cultures, realizing how grateful he was for being an American and why our individual rights must be protected. Rob made the decision as a 17 year old high school senior to enlist in the Air Force and serve in uniform as the country faced multiple crisis around the world.

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