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The Global Five Front War | The Rob Maness Show EP 310

Yes, there are at least five fronts in the current global war Americans find themselves facing. It is quite an unusual war for us however, as a major front is our own government conducting a war against those of us that still believe there are biological Males and Females, MAGA, borders should be secure, or that a traditional family is the foundation of a civil society. Our guest today, retired US Army LTCOL Darin Gaub writes, “Joe Biden stated in a recent speech that “American leadership is what holds the world together.” Accepting this statement as true, given the state of the world, it seems American leadership has disappeared in Washington, D.C. There are five areas of primary strategic concern in the world today. They are far more interconnected than we can describe in a short article like this but sometimes we need to look at the big picture first before we dive into the details.” Darin is with us today to discuss this unique war and its five areas of strategic concern, government vs the people, immigration invasion, China, Europe, and the Middle East and Central Asia.

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