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America’s Department of Defense: We Don’t Like Diversity of Thought, Only Skin Color & Identity | The Rob Maness Show EP 346

The SECDEF’s Advisory Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (DACODAI) in-person Public Meeting was supposed to be today and tomorrow in Arlington VA. The members of this advisory group – mostly retired senior military officers — all have the same views (which are pro) about promoting and pushing the Marxist-based DEI agenda in the military. Over 17 people, including myself, a Board of Advisors member, from Stand Together Against Racism and Radicalism in the Services (STARRS) and other organizations we work closely with made airline and hotel reservations to attend from all over the country and even fly in internationally. These groups represent all those who are concerned about the damaging effects the DEI agenda is having on the military, making it weak. We had early on requested that three STARRS leaders be able to make short oral statements (per what is stated in the Federal Register) during the public comments segment of the meeting, but on 18 April, we were informed by DACODAI that they were not allowing oral statements and did not give a reason why they contradicted what was stated in the Federal Register. But wait, that is not the only change DACODAI made to the meeting, this past Monday afternoon they notified us that the meeting would be virtual only. Denying us the opportunity to speak and to attend in-person as planned. After the last DACODAI meeting in December, DACODAI Chair Gen. Lester Lyles wanted to have an informal discussion via Zoom with members of his committee and STARRS. The DACODAI Federal Officer shut this down. It appears “diversity of thought” so often touted by DoD is actually not in fact valued and being “inclusive” to all actually means only to those who believe one side of the issue. The committee itself all has the same one-thought bias regarding pushing DEI in the military with no diverse thought. The Vice Chairman of STARRS retired MG Joe Arbuckle and President and CEO, retired Colonel Ron Scott, are my guests today.

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