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Throw All The Bums Out – Truth Thursday | The Rob Maness Show EP 358

Our government is out of touch with the people! Speaker Mike Johnson handed the democrats everything they ever dreamed of and more. Hakeem Jeffries, a Marxist and the Democrat minority leader in the House of Representatives, brazenly brags on national television that he and his band of communists are now controlling the legislative agenda through the Republican speaker’s office. America is $36 trillion dollars in debt and even with a so-called arch conservative in the Speaker’s seat we are unable to extricate ourselves from the massive financial collapse that will eventually come. When that happens none of the endless war policy, spying on our own citizens without a warrant, or government benefit payouts will matter. I tell you though, that we can still save the country, even now, when many false Republicans have been re-elected to their seats of power in the Congress, we still have opportunities to change things. Every two years, that is the election cycle for the House and for good reason, to enable us to remove bad actors there and the challenge is, do we have the will to get the job done. We present to the voters today, another opportunity to do so. My guest today is Speaker Mike Johnson’s primary opponent in Louisiana’s 4th Congressional District Josh Morrot. Josh is a Louisiana native born on Fort Polk, the son of a US Army veteran who grew up in a small town where he learned the value of hard work, community service, and family. He is a dedicated father and husband, a school teacher and former insurance agent.

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