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In America’s Defense, Not Everyone Else’s – More War Monday | The Rob Maness Show EP 343

Our Republican House of Representatives has once again ignored the will of the majority of its voters by passing more than $60 billion dollars in more Ukraine aid, placing inappropriate priority over its border instead of protecting our own, paying its government employees and pensions while we have tens of thousands of homeless veterans on our streets, and throwing money down a rat hole in a war that is not only unwinnable, but not in America’s vital national interest. We are destroying our own and NATO’s credibility while the rest if the world is in flames, threatening our true vital national interests, Israel, and Taiwan. Congress’s power of the purse is only powerful, and it is, if it has the courage to use it to set national defense priorities and end strategies that damage our national defense, our economy, and our culture. Candidates are running in primaries around the country to challenge the big spending, pro endless war policy, out of control Republicans and none is a better example than what is happening in Nebraska’s second congressional district where Dan Frei is challenging Don Bacon. Dan is my guest today on this more war Monday because there is nothing more important than America’s national defense, both overseas and domestically.

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