While the mainstream media and even many Trump supporters have insisted that the January 6th violence at the US Capitol was caused spontaneously by Trump rally attendees, we have reported the facts here as we’ve uncovered them indicating otherwise. Following initial reporting by OAN’s Jack Posobiec we uncovered video showing the anarchist John Sullivan, who has instigated and participated in violent rioting across the country, was actually in the location where Air Force veteran and Trump protester was shot and killed by a Capitol police officer entering Speaker Pelosi’s outer office area. Now, Sullivan, after being question and released by the Capitol Police and FBI, has been arrested and charged with rioting and many other charges, including instigating at least part of the incursion into the Capitol.

Charging documents clearly show Sullivan not only instigated the unlawful entry into the capitol, he actively participated in breaking windows and damaging property, encouraged an officer to leave his post when Babbit and others, including Sullivan, attempted to enter Pelosi’s office, resulting in the unnecessary shooting of the unarmed Babbit. Sullivans action directly resulted in Babbit’s death. Sullivan was also accompanied by a photographer who has done work for NBC, NPR, and CNN. Both made an appearance on CNN the evening of the attack.

Sources announced President Trump has been briefed on Sullivan’s arrest and that investigators believe he did not act alone. Our investigations have shown many times that bad actors try to infiltrate Trump supporter crowds posing as one of them in order to instigate violence.

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The Capitol incident on January 6th was clearly planned well ahead of time, including actors from BLM/ANTIFA factions, and the facts are being obfuscated by the media, Democrats, and a small group of establishment Republicans. They want you to believe President Trump incited the so-called attack. They have even impeached the president a second time using their false narrative.

The lesson from this: Do not consume corporate media any more. Come to independent media like OAN, and publishers like us here at robmaness.com. Many thanks to Mr. Posobiec and his OAN team for his service to us all.

You just can’t trust the American institutions you once did. Verify everything.

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